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Air Freight

In case you have goods that needs to be shipped oversea as fast and efficient possible, we suggest you do it by air.
We can offer a door-to-door solution or just from one airport to the other. Worldwide and in both directions (import and export).

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Maritime transport, whether import or export, can be complicated. Therefore, it is to your advantage that there is someone who can take this matter out of your hands. We are happy to offer you our services to handle your shipment.

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Transport Suisse

Since the early fifties, Couwels & Co is the specialist for all kind of transports from and to Switzerland.

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In 1946, Couwels & Co was founded by Jos Couwels, who was the first who started part loads between Belgium and Switzerland. From the beginning they started to develop a wide range of forwarding activities. The company started specializing in transports to and from Switzerland. In 1955 they started working together with a Swiss agent.

In 1981, the company was taken over by mister Galeyn, owner of the companies African Shipping, Africa Box Line and Shipping & Transport. The companies had a strong focus on shipment towards Africa and more specific the southern part. 

In 2009 the name and entire company was taken over by the Van Aperen family together with Eddy Van Limbergen, who was already working for Couwels & Co and had more than 30 years of experience regarding dispo Switzerland.

In 2015, Eddy Van Limbergen retires after 42 years of dispo Switzerland (of which 18 for the company Couwels). All shares are as from then in hands of the family Van Aperen.

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